Our Crew

Our experienced crew is here to provide interpersonal and excellent service. Get prepared for a tailored and unique sailing experience.

Captain Stelios Gavrilis
Stelios is an experienced, self-motivated sailing enthusiast, with many years of experience in Greek and international waters. He owns a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor degree on Passive Houses and an Offshore Skipper Certificate. Stelios counts 5 years of professional yachting experience in the Aegean, Cyclades island complex, Crete and Saronikos bay and one year in Lausanne, Switzerland, Montana and Oregon State.
Except from his deep knowledge of the Greek waters, Captain Stelios also holds a Red Cross Elementary Nautical First Aid Certification and VHF Users Certification. He very easy going, open-minded, communicative and always open to questions may asked. He is an expert in catamarans and has covered approximately 20.000 miles in charters and yacht deliveries. Stelios speaks fluently Greek, English and Spanish.

Chef/Steward Haris Fotopoulos
Born and raised in Athens, from the beginning of his life, Haris was attached to the sea and cooking as well. His dream was to travel around the world, live new experiences and new cultures. Haris has worked as a cook, as well as in the service department in several restaurants in the Greek Islands. In 1994 signed a contract with Olympic airlines and travelled all over the world for about 15 years and the last 5 of them as an VIP flight attendant. Among his VIPs was the president of Greek Democracy.
He has attended several cooking seminars all these years, in order to always stay updated about gastronomy and new trends. He is very good communicating with people and solving problems concerning last minutes emergencies of all kind.

Captain Vangelis Patrikis
He is the captain of Elvira since 2009. He holds an A’ Class Master Captain’s License and has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Oinousses, located in Chios, Greece. Captain Vangelis also holds a diploma of offshore sailing, of advanced medical and a life safety certificate. He was introduced to the yachting industry in 1996 when he started being the captain on various motor yachts and sailing vessels and, thus, he has been entertaining visitors for the past 20 years! Captain Vangelis’ passion is to ensure that each and every guest’s need is catered to and all aboard the luxurious catamarans feel safe and secure while cruising through the beautiful Greek Archipelago. He has tremendous knowledge about each Greek island and loves to pass his knowledge to his guests! He speaks English, basic Portuguese and Greek.

Chef/Hostess Dimitra Belia
Dimitra has dedicated her life to sailing and tourism. As a self-motivated enthusiast and a genuine customer-oriented person, she is here to provide interpersonal and excellent service. She is fluent in English, can communicate in Spanish, and is now working on her French. She earned her degree in Administration Engineering in 2009 & owns an MSc in Social Anthropology.

Deckhand Konstantinos Patrikis
Konstantinos, or Dino, is always more than happy to offer excellent service and meet the guests’ needs. Whether you need assistance with water toys or wish to learn more about the history of the Greek Islands, Dinos is the right person to talk to. Communicating with Dino is not be a problem at all, as he is fluent in English, Greek, and German. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime studies, has a speed boat operator license, and an offshore sailing diploma.